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lyrical addictions.
i will buy a thin white dress
that hangs on me too loosely
and wear it all weekend
in protest.
i will lie in the garden,
sleep in the soil,
and bake in the sun
to smell like the flowers.
i will dance in the rain,
watch the lightning in awe,
shake with longing in the thunder
to lose my fury in the storm.
i will swallow big orange clouds
and chase them with bent rainbow.
anyone who will taste me
will taste the newness of season's change.
i will breathe and walk gently
give smiles free like kisses
and will myself not to soak in
the broken memories and feelings.
i will meditate until dawn
wearing only love thinly
and give myself to the sun
so the night cannot have me.
i will exhale the screams and pain
because i need to let love and whispers in.
i can't let myself go on living
in a past that i regret.
i will sing until my lungs become brand new
and write until my fingertips glow.
i'm giving my soul to ink and paper
because i need to become poetry.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 2 2
the boys of the summer.
i danced through walls
and paragraphs-
the blunt words that filled your bitter mouth
didn't lessen the sweetness of our kiss.
i gave you cumming's words to fold into your wallet
and kissed your eyelids to lull you to sleep.
when oblivion consumed you,
fire got me.
and your fear tasted lustful
at two a.m. in my car.
you let the ghosts from the graveyard stain my windows
because you were afraid that they would come inside.
your want was in the water while we swam,
swirling around us in the lazy current of the river.
you ran it vanilla down my vulnerable neck.
i only laughed as you pulled me closer.
you held it against me when i left you alone that night,
leaving yourself stranded in the dark recesses of your mind.
that last kiss was a warm spot in a damp night on the pavement,
staring at stars that were no longer there.
you tasted like cigarettes when i rolled you in the grass.
you held me close as summer chill set in.
we caught glimpses of the stars when our eyes would open
between kiss
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 3 0
like we did.
some place,
an ocean away from here,
they live together-
without those they left behind.
they kiss and dance
and laugh at the stars
until the sky caves in on them
and they have to dive into the sea.
they build shelter ocean-side
and call each other home.
they make-believe in false solutions
and ignore what comes long after.
but history moves in circles;
always the same mistakes.
and the raging tide will someday soon
bring them back to us.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 3 0
so far.
sitting in the damp grass
staring at the overcast night sky.
i know if i can rise above them,
i can see the stars.
so i climb,
the sunset turned my skin red and orange
and i'm so out of place in the purple clouds,
but this is home.
home; a foriegn concept for a long time,
but i find it way up high.
i am feather-light and floating,
floating out in space on the milky way.
i am on fire,
my glow illuminating the world.
i am the dawn- sunlight.
i want to bring life back to earth.
i am so far gone,
trying to escape the atmosphere.
i'm running hard and fast
straight into nothing.
the lights from the city don't drown the stars;
we simply burn out.
how could stars so high up and far away
compete with the bright lights that line our streets?
if i drift away,
not a soul would mind.
but what will be left
if i chose to return?
i'm tangled in the ropes that hang from the sky tonight,
but heaven knows i don't belong here.
i can't afford a home on the ground,
my paychecks and sacrifices don't cut it.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 2 0
love another way.
i drive through rising fog,
dissipating the ghosts that play on the pavement.
i am speeding through the country
right into a live storm bank.
i'm made of uneven edges
and white liquor whirlpools.
i'm the beautiful mess
that boys fall in love with for a night.
so when the lightning crashes,
i want to drown in it.
when that skies open up and pour down,
all i want is to dance outside.
i'm a real dreamer,
a rare person to have my feet on the ground.
but i am lost in what's beyond the thunder i'm climbing in;
it'd suit you not to find me.
they'll call me a liar,
but it's this that i can live with.
however, i can't live with myself.
i simply have to live with everyone else.
so when you wake in the morning,
i'm the creamer in your coffee.
when you sleep tonight,
i'm the crease in your pillow.
so what if i dreamt of you this morning?
i dream like tv;
there are colors and characters
and nothing at all important.
i gravitate towards laughter,
the bright in eyes that brings magic to dullness.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 1 0
if you've never been loved.
stand in the snow for an hour or so
then come inside and peel off your clothes
and climb into a hot shower;
that's how it feels to fall in love.
have you ever gently brushed
the inside of a newly-blossomed rose's petal?
the velvet softness is much the same
as a lover's kiss.
do yourself a favor now
and make your own self tremble.
imagine what it is to fill the empty in you with another;
making love to the only other person in the world.
have you ever dropped a drinking glass,
watching helplessly as it shatters on the ground?
the same vulnerability to your bare feet
as your heart when you're exposed to love.
and what would you say at three in the morning
if i called you and delivered the news of your best friend's death?
it's the same sleepless weeping that follows the hang-up
that is the same of having your own heart returned to you broken.
never tattoo an image in your skin or fall in love
if you want to be able to take back everything.
because tattoos don't wash away and dreams can't
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 2 5
i'll take a drag from your cigarette
because i miss the flavor of your mouth.
the smoke in my lungs feels like death;
i welcome the sensation.
the sky has been paved over
by cities of hurricanes and tropical upset.
the bright flashes are born
from my dreams of burning it down.
and i wake up to the rainstorm
as it floods the outside of my window-
a window that had grown accustomed to late-night taps,
but is now as lonely as i am.
the lightning can strike me if it pleases;
it's fire will have no effect.
i'm grounded into the earth,
immobilized as though by the roots of trees.
but this is a thanks,
a display of gratitude,
for every sunny day i've known
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 1 0
of fire fights and indiscretion.
i remember when every breath
you'd take in front of me
would make my heart pound like hammers
on a partly built home.
the way you'd kiss me
would send shivers up my spine,
electrify my skin.
oh, the value of april afternoons.
every time your name would pop up
on my cell phone,
my chest would tighten
in anticipation.
i would wake up to thunderstorms,
believing in you.
i thought that what you had done to me
was irreversible.
but it was a case of lust,
not love.
i was sent, propelled
you are only human,
not a particularly intelligent one at that.
you are a silly little boy,
much too young for your age.
i never would have guessed
that i would be fine with "just friends."
when you touch me now,
you're just a person.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 1 0
what keeps me waking in the night.
it's my dirty little secret,
a naughty little addiction.
so few people know
the demon inside me.
this is where my money goes;
the reason i stay awake so much.
i am chasing like i always have
that bitter flavor in my mouth.
i sink down in my strong hold,
releasing tension in my bed.
laying in braids and knots-
tangled in my own want.
i am a citizen
of the city that doesn't sleep.
it is my dreamscape;
this is my escape.
i am controlled by this,
drowning in it's colors.
this is where i'll be
if you discover you cannot find me.
it is beautiful, resilient.
the fire-orange sky at sunset
after a thunderstorm,
shot through with rainbows.
here is of belonging.
being wrong and proving them right
and being fine with it.
here is where we ask nothing of anyone but ourselves.
here is love for the first time
beneath a shimmering night sky,
never admitting the other,
tension in secrecy.
this is what i'll admit later
with blood in my cheeks,
praying it doesn't ruin anything.
i'll indulge in this for no
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 1 0
my love in a letter.
hands and feet and knees,
looking up to nothing above.
and you wait everyday for a saving grace,
but only rain descends.
if yours is broken,
i'll give you mine.
it is scarred and imperfect,
but my god, it's strong.
they would take away the best of you
to make themselves feel better.
but if it leaves you bleeding,
take it back.
what of love if there is nothing?
the smell of someone in your sheets.
you've got a savior inside of you;
storm clouds don't allow the sun to shine.
could you be all you need
after being so dependent all this time?
you've got friends,
but not the way you need.
i am a believer,
what a miracle, don't you think?
but i believe in you and other broken things,
and i'll be by your side.
i am folded in too-white paper.
i am tangled in your hair and fingers.
i will be your safe place to turn
if all your fortresses fall.
you've lost faith,
but if nothing else,
believe you me;
i love you.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 2 0
one man drinking games.
i scaled the fence
and kissed you on the other side.
i let you strip me down-
i let you see me.
it was for my own amusement,
watching you hang there
anticipating me.
you weren't ready.
you got drunk and found your way home,
but i was gone,
just a week of memories.
i told you i'd be leaving.
summer was made for nights like those;
counting stars in the darkness,
you holding me in the water.
i never meant to break your heart.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 1 0
the fire in my bedroom
has not burned out.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 1 2
peanuts and poppy seeds.
it is as you promised that night,
i discovered a love worth having.
there are eyes and stars,
but this is so unearthly.
i found someone now
and i love him above and beyond possibility.
i am impatient to finally-
finally hold him.
did you know love could exceed even breathing?
a long and hard-learned lesson,
but even if i were to keel over tonight,
i was worth living for this new love.
i am a protector and a friend.
i am old and young
and he is everything.
i would be a better person for him.
i will give him everything,
empty my pockets and share my room.
i cannot wait to see that smile
when it's thanks to me.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 1 0
because i am curious.
i blow kisses to the stars sometimes
because they look awfully lonely.
sometimes i embrace the whole of another
in their wake.
i embarrass myself when i'm drunk or tired
and i laugh too much for nothing.
i go out late with boys to see what they are made of;
so few have adventure in their veins like me.
of the stories of the summer
and the scandal in my notebook,
maybe a day will come
when i let the whole world know.
i wake up with words,
but everyday, they're evolving.
i don't have fend off shapes
when i drive late at night anymore.
we are the shadows dancing on the driveway
and the laws that get broken on weekday midnights.
we create chaos for the sake of watching.
we kiss just to know that we finally did.
when the night sky is overcast,
i stare at the clouds and remember lonesome stars.
when you arrive,
we'll talk without touching.
but there are sparks and desires
and we will burn this place to the ground,
counting cars to pass the time
while we sit here on the sidewalk.
my dreams ar
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 2 0
Mature content
star-studded wishes and firefly eyes. :iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 2 0
summer as a reason.
i want to do a back flip out of the atmosphere
just to land in the ocean
and float on by,
if we're breaking the rules,
i'm having fun
and i just want one more taste
of the adventure i'm on now.
i'm more alive now than ever,
never running out of fuel.
i thought i had forgotten how to breathe,
but i simply needed fresh air.
it's so thrilling just to wake up again,
such an existance is the right one.
why does anyone allow themselves to be miserable
or anything but happy?
i'm young and dumb and reckless
and that's my excuse for excuses.
my responsibilities are few
and all only to myself.
and all of the beats in the music tonight are fast
along with the thrum of my heart.
but as long as there is music to hear,
i will not slow down.
:iconxxlifeisworthitxx:xxlifeisworthitxx 2 0
Ask me if you wanna use my stuff.


Finn and Us. by Skysofdreams Finn and Us. :iconskysofdreams:Skysofdreams 5 0
Sea of Lies
My father never read me the story of Icarus. I found it for myself. I suppose he did not want me to know what it was like to almost touch the stars. But it was only after I had read the story did I even try to reach so far. It is a little like falling in love...and then drowning in the sea.
(I would be lying if I said the fall didn't break everything I had once believed was solid.)
My science teacher knew well that I was a dreamer. When I told her I believed fairytales were as real as love is, I could see the disapproval and disappointment in her eyes. I suppose thats why in her classroom, when I was asked what the greatest force in the universe was, I answered love. I suppose thats why she laughed and reminded me that love was as much a fairytale as the fairytales I believed in.
(She was wrong. Love exists...its just been broken into a million little pieces, set afloat in a sea of heartbreak.)
My mother didn't want to speak about t
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 450 112
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Well, this is what I found on the Undiscovered
Literature function thing today;

:iconayeaye12:AyeAye12 3 3



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I am not who I used to be.

That's okay.

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i miss writing like i did here.
heartbroken and wild and uncensored and unrelenting.
i just didn't care.

i hate who i was though.
i hate her so much.



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